19 Oct

This morning on LFN Mayor Tom Martin made the statement that, “everything we do is a necessity”. The Mayor was talking about the City of Lubbock at that point and also said that splash pads and soccer fields are necessities.

Sorry, but he is wrong and so are the people telling you to vote for all 4 bond issues. A short list of necessities that local government should take care of (but often isn’t good at taking care of them): Roads, Police, Fire, Water. The basics is what government should spend money on, especially during times of recession. Soccer fields and splash pads are luxury items.

Everyone is telling you to tighten your belts and spend your money wisely. This is good advice and advice that you the voter should also listen to. If Lubbock votes for these luxury items your taxes will go up. Do you really want that to happen right now?

Think about it. Your Federal taxes will probably be going up soon. Your State taxes could go up soon too. Lubbock has already upped your taxes… ahem “fees” for the stormwater fee. Props 1&2 will pass easy(as they should) so your taxes are going up there too. Oh not to mention that people are still losing their jobs here in Lubbock, and if your not losing your job then your paycheck might be a little lighter.

Take all that in for a second and think. Do we really need these luxury items right now? We have 4 city pools for the “disadvantaged”. Why do we need splash pads now? I had a slip-n-slide and a water hose and I turned out just fine. If 3500 kids already play soccer why do we need extra ones right now? If more soccer fields means more tournaments and lots of money, why hasn’t a private company come in and built them?

Let’s not even get into the discussion on how well the city takes care of existing buildings and fields they own. You know how well they are being taken care of and you really want to trust them with more? Let the city prove they can take care of what they have first. What about water usage for the soccer fields? Aren’t we supposed to be conserving water?

Right now is just not the time to spend money on luxury items. So with all that said…

Vote YES on Props 1 & 2. Vote NO on 3 & 4.

More on Tuesday’s edition of LFN.


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