21 Oct

Early voting continues in Lubbock for the local bond election(and TX Constitutional admendments) and I hope you are all getting out there to vote. I’m pretty sure that it be a smaller turn out than the alcohol vote, and that speaks volumes about our society.

Over the past couple of days we’ve had the backers of all 4 bond issues on LFN and I’m glad we did. I’m glad they didn’t shy away from the show. I still don’t think the time is right to vote for tax increases for luxury items. I know quality of life issues are important, but so is timing. I think youth sports are important and I wish more kids got involved. I wonder though, is there another way? Right now hotel/motel tax money can’t be used for soccer fields. However, why not try to lobby the legislature to change the rule to say that tax money can be used for anything that could generate revenue and put “heads in beds”? It doesn’t cost us anything and the kids get new soccer fields.

They say the splash pads would benefit the less fortunate in Lubbock. Maybe. I wonder though, would a tax increase hurt them more though?

Just a few thoughts.


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