2 Nov

Andy-Wilson-Portrait-Framed-2We now have a Democratic challenger to U.S. Rep. Randy Neugebauer. Andy Wilson, from Lubbock will announce to today that he is running for Congress. Wilson is a Democrat, who according to an article in the, is a “moderate Democrat that truly believes in fiscal responsibility.” If you are a Democrat running for election in west Texas, you better be at least be fiscally responsible. Otherwise, you are just blowing money.

Mr. Wilson will join us in studio Tuesday morning at 8:05am on Lubbock’s First News to discuss the issues and his candidacy.

Below is a copy of his press release. Find out more info on his website:

Andy Wilson will be announcing his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for the US House of Representatives in the 19th district of Texas on Monday November 2, 2009 at the Mahon Library in the community room in Lubbock, TX at 3:00pm.

A little about Andy, from Andy, follows:

I was born in the great state of Texas and raised in the small Texas town of Bellville by two phenomenal parents. Most of my memories from my youth revolve around fishing and hunting with my Dad, Miles Wilson. He was, and remains to this day, an avid sportsman. My mother, Carolyn Wilson, is a life long educator and both she and my father remain involved in mentoring young people even as they enter their retirement years.

My first trip to West Texas was to register for classes at Texas Tech University and I graduated in 1990 from with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. In ’91 a beautiful young woman named Heidi started to attend the same church where I was a member. A year later we were married and remain committed members of this same body of believers.

Together Heidi and I have raised our 2 sons, Davis, 15, and Keller, 13. For the past 2 years we have also had the wonderful opportunity of helping raise another fine young man, Gene Williams,14. While our life has been good, we have certainly faced some challenges. Primary among these challenges is the fact that our youngest son, Keller, is severely autistic. But together we have faced these challenges with the resolve and optimism that I feel typifies West Texas.

Since graduating Texas Tech, I have spent my entire career in the private sector. For the past 9 years I have been employed by X-FAB Texas, an international semiconductor manufacturer. Heidi, also a graduate of Texas Tech, is a teacher and choir director in the Slaton Independent School District.

Together we call West Texas home and cherish the qualities of the good people of this part of the country — qualities like independence, integrity, hard work and a desire to leave a legacy for the next generations. I believe that our country can benefit from these qualities that are still alive in West Texas. I believe that we need a Representative from this area that can represent and promote the values that have served us so well.

On Monday, Andy will announce his candidacy and outline the platform on which he is running.  The campaign website,, will also launch Monday with the announcement.




  1. Jeff Berta December 5, 2009 at 12:28 am #

    I would like to know Andy comments regarding on the leader of his parties speech on troop deployment to Afghanistan. Do you agree – if so why – if not – why not?


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