The AJ Thinks You’re Stupid, Wants Your Money

16 Nov

Over the weekend the Lubbock AJ had an editorial that dealt with the previous elections and quality of life in Lubbock.

In a nutshell, if you didn’t support David Miller, Soccer fields, the $300 million dollar bond package for arts & entertainment, etc. then it’s not that you made a fiscally responsible vote, but instead you just weren’t educated enough.

The AJ makes it sound as though low taxes are bad and shouldn’t be factored into the quality of life. What’s amazing is that just a few weeks back Terry Greenberg, editor, wrote a column trying to prove that his paper was indeed conservative. Most conservatives love low taxes but the AJ seems to think it’s no big deal. The AJ thinks we need a lot of new stuff so people will move here.

I’ve been in Lubbock for over 8 years now, and in my opinion it’s never been better. There is a great night life, wonderful parks, and it’s safe. I enjoy the art trail and the art galleries we have. Lubbock isn’t Dallas and it shouldn’t try to be. Do your own thing and it will work.

The AJ has been on the wrong side for many elections and now they are blaming you, the people of Lubbock. They along with the big spenders think you don’t understand. They don’t think you are doing what’s right for the future of Lubbock. They think you are un-educated and that you just don’t get it. Well, Terry Greenberg and those big spenders and tax hikers are the ones that don’t get it. They want you to buy into the idea that everthing proposed will bring in tons and tons of people. They want you to raise your taxes so the city can make the illusion that they are making life better. Terry Greenberg wants you to buy his paper, but he doesn’t get you.

The AJ wants you to invest in their paper every week so they can report the news to you. Unless of course it’s not covered by the AP, then they won’t cover it. The AJ wants you to believe they are a conservative paper, but they always want you to raise your taxes. Terry Greenberg wants to act like a big time Editor, yet he won’t write an editorial unless it’s defending the AJ’s stance on an issue or trying to convince you how conservative they are. Have you noticed Greenberg hasn’t said a word yet on LP&L? Maybe next week? Oh wait, next week he will probably write about Thanksgiving. Is there any wonder why more and more people are dropping the AJ? You see Mr. Greenberg, people like it when you take a stance on real issues. Have you noticed that KFYO and in particular Lubbock’s First News and Pratt on Texas are successful? Have you noticed that you’ve endorsed every big spending project, while we have not? Have you noticed that your circulation is falling while our audience numbers keep rising? Hmmm…

Sounds like to me one organization is out of touch. Maybe Terry Greenberg and those at the AJ should get educated on how this city works.

More on this later.


4 Responses to “The AJ Thinks You’re Stupid, Wants Your Money”

  1. stephen monahan November 16, 2009 at 2:51 pm #

    Do I sense an AJ/KFYO rivalry brewing? Was there any hesitation to clicking submit blog? I’ll be interested to see an AJ counters (if any). If so, please post. Glad things are going well for you man.

    Oreo cookie pizza for life,


  2. Jason November 16, 2009 at 2:59 pm #

    We dropped our subscription a few months ago and I don’t even miss it. I find it interesting that they only have links to a few stories on their front page of the website, because there are usually only a few worth while things to read about it the AJ. And each of those are AP stories.

  3. chadhasty November 16, 2009 at 3:08 pm #

    No hesitation at all Stephen. There is no rivalry at all, just my own “editorial”. If Terry wants to call in, he knows the number.

  4. Lubbock or Leave It November 17, 2009 at 9:21 pm #

    Why is the AJ telling people how to spend money when they’re broke as Hell and can’t make their own debt payments??! Only in Lubbock! 🙂

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