7 Jan


President Obama held a press conference today and admitted that the U.S. government failed to connect the dots in regards to the Christmas Day bomber. So what will happen now to fix the broken system? Well not much. More screening at airports and accurate intelligence.

Obama also talked about how the U.S. is at war which was nice to hear since the “W-word” is a little harsh. But Obama was short and to the point. One thing Obama didn’t mention was people being fired. In fact, no one has even stepped up to resign.

President Obama sort of touched on racial profiling and made the point that it would never happen under his watch. Racial profiling might not be PC in this country, but I think we need it at the airports. I’ve said it before, political correctness is going to contribute to the death of innocent people in America. We already know you can’t win a PC war, but we continue to try. Since we know that, how can we think we will stop terrorists by being PC?

More later.

**UPDATE** Read the White House Review of the failed terror attack on Christmas Day. summary_of_wh_review_12-25-09


2 Responses to “Failure”

  1. angel bright January 7, 2010 at 5:37 pm #

    Racial profiling never solved anything, sure those who fight crime may have gotten lucky by targeting individuals because of race, but it has caused injustice toward numerous innocent people. I don’t think racial profiling is going to help much. Using intelligence and everyone following the same agenda may be a better solution. You can’t stop (or think that) every person of a certain race is suspect, I mean where exactly would you start. Its not about being PC it’s more about being smart. You may feel like those of you with fair skin are the majority around the world but you are not, it is those of us with brown skin and the majority of us are not bad just a handful, just like the fair skin race. I think we need to get ahead of the game and stop resulting to such an unintelligent tactic, with all the technology we have we should be doing better… racial profiling is being lazy.

  2. Jason January 7, 2010 at 8:45 pm #

    racial profiling became a “bad word” because it was used by the police to focus and keep certain groups down. Just because it shouldn’t be used by police on the street doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be used in the nations airports. Why? because it works. Either allow those in security to target those who have committed the crimes over and over or allow 5 hours at the airport for every person to be fully searched.

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