The Battle For Texas

15 Jan


The Texas Governor’s race heated up last night with all 3 GOP candidates debating each other in Denton. There is a lot of good coverage out there including some of the articles from the Star-Telegram(here, here, and here) so I’m not going to go through and give you a break down of what exactly happened. I’m just going to give a few opinions and I’d like to know what you thought about the debate.

First off, there was no clear winner in the debate. All 3 candidates had mistakes and no one seemed polished. Debra Medina, the long-shot candidate, didn’t seem real comfortable at first but seemed to settle down as the night went on. She was also stuck between Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and Gov. Rick Perry, so you know that couldn’t have been the most comfortable of all spots.

I found myself getting annoyed by Gov. Perry throughout the evening. Perry kept talking about how Texas was the greatest state ever and everyone wants to be here. Look, I’m a big state pride guy. I love Texas and I do believe Texas is the greatest state, but eventually I want a candidate to stop saying that and get to the issues. Texas may be great but we do have problems here. Rick Perry didn’t win any points with me when we said that Hutchison and Medina were trying to tear Texas down. They weren’t. We have problems in this state and they need to be addressed. It’s not called tearing down, it’s called being honest.

Gov. Perry has a lead right now according to polls but last night he didn’t blow me away. At times he seemed confident, but at other times not so much. He was on defense all night and never put Hutchison or Medina away. For a while I thought Perry had forgotten Medina was even there.

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison had a pretty good night though she did get caught up in the abortion issue. Not a big surprise there at all. I understand what she says about over-turning Roe v. Wade in that states would be able to do whatever they wanted. I think a better question to ask Mrs. Hutchison would be. Would you support overturning Roe v. Wade and also a national law making abortion illegal? That way she can’t get around the issue. Should abortions be allowed or not?

Hutchison went after Perry on taxes and education and I think scored a few points against him on those issues. One question that came up was about jobs and Perry touted 100,000 jobs that were created. When the panelist asked if Texas had lost more than created, Perry went into his “Texas is great” answer and said I don’t know how I can say it any clearer. That’s when Hutchison went in and brought up the fact that Texas had lost 300,000 jobs and 100,000 were created.

Hutchison’s best moment of the night was when she used Debra Medina to put down Perry during a candidate question time period. Medina played along and it wasn’t a great moment for Perry.

That brings me to Debra Medina. You could tell she was the new person on stage, but overall she did very well. Yes, she got tongue twisted a few times and she wasn’t the polished politician, but I think some people like that about her. She showed a sense of humor, but was also very serious. While Perry and Hutchison talked mainly about the intrusion of the Federal Government, Medina also brought up intrusion by the State.

Out of all the candidates Medina seemed to be able to get her message through more clearly than either Perry or Hutchison. You can tell Medina is very conservative and that will make the Tea Party…Party very happy. Medina was able to talk about liberty and small government without having to argue with anyone. Medina’s camp should be pleased with how last night’s performance went. I look forward to hearing more from Medina as the campaign continues.

I don’t think Medina has a shot at winning, but I do think she will gain support and that will hurt Rick Perry. As of right now, I’d expect a run-off between Hutchison and Perry.

So, what did you think about the debate? Any clear winners?

If you missed the debate you can watch it by going to


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