Keep Your Eyes On Frullo/Perry

27 Jan

After interviewing candidates in both districts 83 and 84 for State Representative, I must say that I like what I’m hearing. Well, I like what I’m hearing from at least 2 of the candidates.

Have you ever met a candidate for office that just seemed fake? When you walked away you thought to yourself that you didn’t really meet the real person? I have. Of course in the business I’m in I meet them all the time. Of course most politicians are like that and you come to expect that.

This week however 2 candidates stuck out as being different.

John Frullo is running for State Representative for District 84 and I was able to sit down and discuss his campaign on the air on Monday’s show. I could tell he wasn’t a politician right away. I could tell John was running not because he aspired to be Governor one day or to take over for Duncan someday, but he wanted to make a difference. He wanted his kids to have the best and he didn’t want to sit on the sidelines any longer. I assume this is what Rep. Isett saw in John Frullo when he endorsed Frullo weeks ago. Frullo is already working hard out in the community to get his name out there and to connect to the voters. I appreciate that.

On Tuesday, Charles Perry was in studio and I had the same impression of him that I had of Frullo. He had a discussion off air that made think very highly of Perry. I won’t discuss that now because it was off the air, but I will say he is someone who “gets it”. He understands what’s happening in our communities and he wants to go to Austin to fix it. It will be hard to beat Jones, but if people listen to what Charles Perry has to say, they might just like him.

In a time when all we see are typical politicians, it’s good to see new faces and real people run for office. They aren’t just saying what you want to hear. They actually seem to mean it. It’s a good thing, and I hope we see more of it.

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