Thank You Lubbock!

4 Feb

The ratings are in and Lubbock’s #1 morning talk show is STILL #1! Not only are we still number 1, but our audience is getting bigger and bigger. Before I get into some of our numbers, I also want to congratulate  KFYO for having their best book in about 2 decades. KFYO has always been a very strong station, but with the line-up we have now, KFYO is a beast. It really is an honor to be on this station.

Now, onto what LFN did in the mornings. It should come as no big surprise that Lubbock’s First News is still the number one morning talk show in Lubbock. 2nd place doesn’t even come close to touching our audience. Not only are we the #1 morning talk show, but in males 35 and older who make over $50K and $75K a year, we are the #1 show on the air between 6 and 9am. When talking about local talk shows during the whole day, LFN now has the most listeners in many demographics.

Again, thank you all so very much for tuning in weekday mornings from 6-9am. The growth of this show has been great and means so much. I really do think we have the best audience in radio and I’ve enjoyed the feedback from those who call in, email, facebook, and tweet the show. Still, keep spreading the word and tell your friends to tune in and sound off.

Before I wrap this up, I want to say congrats to Pratt on Texas for continuing to do great in the afternoons. Both shows (LFN and Pratt) are number 1 and are the two most listened to local talk shows in Lubbock.

Thank you Lubbock!


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