Brady Attacks Perry’s Voting Record, But What About Brady’s Money Trail?

22 Feb

Over the weekend candidate for House District 83, Zach Brady, started attacking the voting record of Charles Perry. The attacks including new TV ads and statements made in the paper. Apparently Perry did not vote in the 2006 or 2002 primaries and that has both Delwin Jones and Zach Brady perplexed.

Personally, I don’t care. I care what a candidate says and does. I care about what a candidate will do if elected. I don’t know why Perry didn’t vote in those two primaries. Maybe it’s because he didn’t feel like any candidate deserved his vote.

Honestly, if all Zach Brady and Delwin Jones can find wrong with Perry is the fact that he missed a couple of primaries… big deal! If that’s it, then you should have no problem voting for Charles Perry. I did, and I don’t regret it at all. In fact I will still sleep really well tonight. In fact, we should have more candidates like Perry whose biggest crime is not voting in a couple of primaries. Perry has voted in all the general elections by the way, but Brady and Jones don’t care about that.

Since Zach Brady is attacking Charles Perry about his record, let’s look at another record. The money record. Earlier in the year, the AJ ran a story that pointed out who all Zach Brady has given money to. Let’s revisit that shall we?

Zach Brady gave money to Sen. Robert Duncan, who Brady worked for at one time. He also gave money to Joe Heflin, a Democrat. He also gave two campaign contributions to Delwin Jones. Once in 2004 and the other in 2006. Brady, who likes to call himself a conservative, also donated to Kinky Friedman’s campaign in 2006 when Kinky was running for Governor against Rick Perry.

Heflin, Jones, Friedman. Not really the Trifecta of Conservatism now is it?

In the same AJ article Brady goes on to say that he donated to Delwin, but now is against him because of his voting record and how long he’s been in office. So 4 years ago Delwin was conservative, but not now. 4 years ago Delwin hadn’t been in office too long, but now he has?

Brady has also donated to dozens of other candidates totaling over $15,000 in debt to other people. That’s a lot of IOU’s. I just wonder if all the IOU’s are to conservatives like Joe Heflin, Delwin Jones, and Kinky Friedman.

So, what matters more to you? Whether someone voted in a primary or who they gave money to? A lobbyist or an accountant?

I don’t dislike Zach Brady. I even agree with him on some points. I just think Charles Perry is the man for the job and that’s why I encourage you to vote for him.


One Response to “Brady Attacks Perry’s Voting Record, But What About Brady’s Money Trail?”

  1. RK February 22, 2010 at 5:30 pm #

    Agree that record of voting or not voting is not an issue. What would be interesting to know is if Mr. Brady voted against Mr. Jones when the race was contested. If not, then why all of a sudden is Mr. Jones not acceptable or effective. Personally, I would prefer to see an accountant in the House as opposed to another lawyer.

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