Hasty Recommends…

1 Mar

I’ve decided to go ahead and give a few recommendations for Tuesday’s election. I’ve already talked a lot about many of these candidates, but some of you still asked for me to write them down. I still encourage you to get out there and do your own research when it comes to the candidates.

Governor (GOP):

Rick Perry– I don’t always agree with Governor Perry, but he hasn’t done much for me to say vote against him. Do I like how he puts political pressure on some appointees? No, but that’s politics and if you’re appointed to any position, even Board of Regents, you should know that it’s all politics.

State Rep 83:

Charles Perry– This one was close for me, but I just got a better feeling about Charles Perry after meeting with all 3 candidates. You know that feeling when someone is trying too hard to sell something and you know it’s not as good as they are making it out to be? I got that feeling from Zach Brady. Don’t get me wrong, I think Zach is a good guy and would probably make a decent Representative down in Austin. There are some people that are very anti-Brady, not me. I just think that Charles Perry wants to go to Austin and make things better for all Texans. He has an open mind and is real.

State Rep. 84:

John Frullo– Here is another candidate that just seems real. He hasn’t flip flopped on being a Republican and he just wants to do a good job. He isn’t looking for another job either (State Senate). Frullo/Perry would make an excellent team in Austin.


Kelly Rowe– Since taking over as Sheriff, Rowe has done an excellent job and has had a smooth transition. Did Don Carter deserve to be demoted? I honestly don’t know. Rowe has the skills needed to be elected Sheriff and I believe he has earned the respect of others inside the department.

County Judge:

Tom Head– Yeah, I know his record on spending isn’t great, but there are some concerns about Nelsons past that I am worried about. He was on the City Council during the LP&L flap and the are concerns on his thoughts about property rights. Hopefully, if the voters oust Patti Jones, Tom Head will be a bit better.

County Commissioner Precinct 4:

John Leonard– It’s time for a change in leadership.

364th District Judge:

Jennifer Bassett– Time for a change. I believe Bassett would bring a tough attitude and a fresh approach to the bench. I don’t have anything against Judge Underwood, I just think that sometimes a new perspective is a good thing and I know Bassett has the experience to do well.

State Board of Education District 15:

Bob Craig– This pick will probably anger some of my more conservative friends, but oh well. I think the State Board has been too political and personally I’m a little tired of it. All sides need to be heard and Craig at least listens to all sides. When you get both sides of an argument it’s called education and that is something Randy Rives seems to be against. I heard Rives say he thought the State Board was too political, but wouldn’t meet with groups he disagreed with. Rives has a closed mind and that worries me.

County Chair (GOP):

Chris Winn– Chris has done a great job energizing the party here in Lubbock. He has grown the party and has made Lubbock even more prominent in party circles. Absolutely no reason not to re-elect Winn.

Precinct Chair 66:

Michelle Shopenn: I met Michelle and she is eager to get to work and is involved in the Republican Party. Her opponent just recently moved into Lubbock and was behind the effort to try and defeat alcohol sales in Lubbock.

Precinct Chair 76:

Chris Starcher– Chris has taken charge of the Lubbock Young Republicans and is growing the organization. Chris is a good guy and will be very involved. Can’t say anything bad about Cory Davenport either, but Chris has experience leading the Young Republicans which I believe will only help him as Precinct Chair.


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