2 Idiots 1 Newspaper

19 Mar

On lubbockonline there are 2 Letters to the Editor this morning dealing with the Homeless Committee that was shot down by the Lubbock City Council. I’ve talked about this before and I still believe it would have been a waste of time to put together a committee to study the homeless problem in Lubbock. The committee was only going to meet once every three months and what exactly where they going to do? What is there to study? We don’t need to build a shelter or spend any money, so what’s the point?

Well 2 people with really big hearts wrote letters to the editor today. Here is the first one:

Homeless study rejection criticized

The article “Lubbock council rejects committee on homelessness” (A-J, Feb. 26).

If studying the plight of homelessness here put money in the city coffers, they’d be on it like white on rice. (I do acknowledge the compassionate support of Linda LeDeon, Floyd Price and Todd Klein.)

City government’s intense response to the recent airport problem was prompted by the loss of landing fees during the disruption. Money talks.

It sickens me to realize I live in a community whose management is dictated by the pocketbook and not the heart.

Give me a break. Foisting this problem on churches and non-profits whose resources are stretched to the breaking point is callous and irresponsible.

This is our problem.

I invite the mayor and the dissenting Council members to spend onewinter’s night outside scrambling for shelter.


I’m sure Wendy is a nice woman, but she is wrong on this. Personally, I’m glad I don’t live in a city where our leaders make decisions based on their hearts. That’s not how you run a business. I’m sure my bosses would love to pay me millions of dollars a year because they have big hearts, but they also run a business and can’t go bankrupt. Also, it’s not their pocketbook… it’s ours. Democrats don’t understand this for some reason. It’s not the Governments made up play money. It’s our tax money. By the way, the city already gives over a million dollars a year to fight the homeless problem so it’s not just the Churches and non-profits dealing with it. And not all non-profits are stretched too thin.

Here is letter #2:

Provide empty building for homeless

The article “Lubbock council rejects committee on homelessness” (A-J, Feb. 26).

We should get on our knees tonight and thank God there but for the grace of God go I. Or it could be a family member or friend.

Don’t say it couldn’t happen to you. Thousands in other states have lost their homes and jobs. Not one of them saw that coming. Don’t ever tell me Lubbock doesn’t have an empty building somewhere. The homeless could move in, fix it up themselves, cook, clean, etc.

I know of no one who wouldn’t be willing to donate their time, money, clothes, food, etc. They aren’t asking for a Bill Gates’ home.

How can anyone take their pets to the veterinarian, feed them and house them without thinking about the homeless?

All the Councilmen should go without a bath for a week and go without food for three days. Give them a little taste of what it’s like.

One day when Jesus returns, there won’t be anyone homeless, hungry, sick and thinking nobody cares.

Thank God for all the great churches and charities. Shame on all of us.


A couple of points here. First, the city doesn’t own every vacant building in Lubbock. Even if the city gave a building to the homeless, who is going to pay the bill for the upkeep?  Second, when I feed my dog or take her to the vet, I never think of the homeless. Call me cold-hearted but pets and the homeless have nothing to do with each other.

I wonder if these two ladies open up their homes for the homeless?


One Response to “2 Idiots 1 Newspaper”

  1. Jeannie May 14, 2010 at 10:55 am #

    Now, I may be wrong, but didn’t we go through this Lake Alan Henery thing back when Lubbock, with tax payers money, paid WAY too much for the “last holdout” on property? Did we not have legal council for our “city council”? Using tax money, OUR money, the council promised this was for Lubbock future water supply. Am I wrong or doesen’t it seem that Garza county has outwitted Lubbock AGAIN?!!!
    Why doesn’t someone go back to the original deals made with Garza and find if our council was just down right stupid, and still is, or is there something smelly in Denmark… (GARZA, City Council). By the way, I think John Leonard is the only one who actually”gets it”.

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