April’s Fool

1 Apr

Well it isn’t a joke, but we have found our first fool of April, and his name is Zach Brady. In my last blog post I wrote how I felt about Brady’s endorsement of Delwin Jones, and how Brady sold out his principles in order to probably get a political favor in the future.

This morning on LFN we discussed it even more and how Zach Brady is now a huge Delwin Jones fan. Many have picked up on this and it’s true, Brady is only looking out for his future. He isn’t conservative at all and he knows that Jones isn’t either. It’s also true that Brady would rather face Jones again in a couple of years instead of trying to run against Perry. If Charles Perry wins, he will be in Austin for a while and I don’t believe that Brady could beat him.

Many of the things that Zach Brady said yesterday were complete 180’s, but 1 statement had me wondering if he was thinking straight at all.

In Brady’s statement he said, “the viability of all of West Texas and of West Texas agriculture depends upon honest, steady representation, which cannot be subject to the whims of radical agendas or caught up in the movement of the moment.” (emphasis added by me)

Radical agendas? Is Zach Brady saying Charles Perry has a radical agenda? Yes, yes he really is. Charles Perry is part of the Tea Party movement, he’s a conservative, and a church deacon. What about those is part of Perry’s “radical agenda”?

If you read between the lines, and it’s easy to do so. Zach Brady is calling the Tea Party agenda (conservatism) RADICAL.

There are other people who think the Tea Party agenda is radical. Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, President Obama, and MSNBC are just a few.

This goes to show that Zach Brady was never about representing conservative West Texas. Only about serving Zach Brady. Brady can talk a good game, but don’t buy it.

Zach Brady also launched other attacks on the Perry campaign, accusing Perry of hiring a felon to run his campaign. Charles Perry told the AJ:

However, Perry denied the allegation, saying that his campaign manager, Jordan Berry, has never served in the Texas House, much less done prison time. As for the ethics violation, it was a mistake on reporting a contribution but was immediately corrected, he said.

In the same AJ article, Delwin Jones says:

“Whatever Zach brought up today falls under personal attacks, and I am not going to get involved in personal attacks,” he said. “I am just going to run on my merits.”

On the surface it seems as though that’s Jones backing away from Brady’s statement, but don’t be fooled. This is good cop, bad cop and we all know politics is dirty. Jones is trying to sound like the nice older statesman, but don’t buy it.

At the end of the day, Zach Brady has lost all credibility in Lubbock. He ran against Delwin Jones saying that Delwin wasn’t conservative enough, and it was time. Brady spent a lot of money against Jones, but came in 3rd and is bitter and angry. He knows he would have a shot at beating Jones in a couple of years or could get the endorsement of a retiring Jones. So what did he do? He sold out his so-called principles. He called Charles Perry’s agenda radical and if you read between the lines, he called the Tea Party agenda radical and a movement of the moment.

Don’t be fooled friends, Zach Brady is only looking out for himself. Not your “radical” conservative ways. And since Delwin Jones accepted Brady’s endorsement, do you really think he feels any different?


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