Frullo Defeats Griffin

13 Apr

The Lubbock GOP establishment has been rocked tonight. Not only did Charles Perry easily defeat Delwin Jones, but John Frullo has defeated Mark Griffin in a very close race.

Frullo gained momentum going into the primary election before the run off and it continued through today. The battle in District 83 may have overshadowed the Frullo/Griffin race, but people still paid attention and Frullo was able to get his message out to the voters.

I think Griffin’s attempt to paint Frullo as anti-teacher was the final nail in his campaign’s coffin. The voters saw through it and Griffin should have known better.

I supported John Frullo for the same reasons I supported Charles Perry in HD-83. I think Frullo and Perry will make a great team in Austin and will look out for the people. Just like I said in my previous entry, even though I supported Frullo, I will hold him accountable for his decisions.

This was a historic night in Lubbock and the South Plains. More on tomorrow’s show. John Frullo will be on LFN at 7am, tune in.


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