Time Off, but Back Now

17 May

So, I took a little time off but it’s time to get back into the swing of things here on the blog. Normally, I write a few paragraphs on how I feel about certain subjects but for this entry I’m just going to give nutshell opinions on a few subjects.

AZ Immigration Law– I’m fine with it. Feds weren’t doing their job and the bill just gives the same power that the feds already have to the local at state law enforcement officers.

City Council races– The Mayoral race went as I expected. Martin won but Cody Smart did well getting around 20% of the vote. Smart should be happy that he got 20% of the vote. He mainly campaigned on Facebook and got some protest votes as well. District 5 went as expected too with Karen Gibson winning. How will she do on the City Council? I have no idea. District 1… who cares. Sorry, but just over 1,000 people voted in that district and I’d be shocked to see over 800 vote in the run-off. I wouldn’t be surprised to see only 600 people vote actually. People in that district like to complain that the City never listens to them. Why should they? If you don’t show up to vote then you have no voice. If you don’t care about your own part of the city, don’t expect everyone else to care.

BP Oil spill– Lots of people to blame here. Sure it was an accident, but it’s coming out more and more that the Government didn’t do their job when it came to inspections. It was an accident and BP probably should have had some emergency plans instead of just using junk to plug up a hole. Should we stop drilling for oil? No, of course not. Should we continue to search for other energy sources? Yes.

Casino gambling in Texas– YES! YES! YES! Will casino’s solve the budget shortfall? No, but it couldn’t hurt. New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Louisiana all have casino’s and they all get many, many visitors from Texas. Think about it. All of that money could be staying here instead of going out of state.

Garza County/Post, Tx– Garza County is kinda screwing over the City of Lubbock. Never before has Garza charged for road crossings, but knowing that Lubbock HAD to do it, they got greedy and wanted money out of the big city. Hey, if I lived in Garza County I probably wouldn’t blame them, but I don’t live there. Lubbock is paying over $25,000 to Garza County so they will stop whining. 2 members of the Lubbock City Council voted against the contract, Beane and Leonard. Kudos to them. On Friday, Rex and I made some comments (tongue in cheek) about boycotting Garza County and I heard from the Chamber of Commerce and the Mayor of Post. The power of KFYO continues…

That’s about it for now. Check back later though, you never know what I’ll go off on next.


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