DJ Scammer

20 May

We all like hearing about dumb criminals and I think it’s even better when there is a dumb criminal who gets busted that actually as the same career as you. That’s where this story kicks in. A local disc jockey, “Chuck Dakota”, was arrested this week for scamming listeners out of $26,000. I’ve honestly never heard of Chuck so I will just assume he was actually a DJ. He worked for one of the radio stations owned by RAMAR Communications.

According to KFYO News:

DJ Chuck Dakota, also known as Charles Joslin, is suspected of raising about twenty-six thousand dollars from listeners for two six year-olds with cancer whose father was killed in Iraq.

The story was fake, and Joslin, who worked with Ramar Communications in Lubbock, only took donations in cash.

Joslin, a Hale Center resident, faces theft charges, and is being held in the Lubbock County Jail on twenty thousand dollars bond.

According to KAMC, this guy also used RAMAR’s other stations to promote his charity. While I’d love to write about how stupid this guy is, I’m not going to. Why? Well it does go without saying doesn’t it? He was a moron who got caught.

My question is, how did this even happen? How did station management/ownership let this happen?

A little peek behind the curtain here. Just about everything we do on the air has to be approved. Rex Offenders? Approved. Appearances? Approved. Tasty Hasty Cupcake (which benefits the Kids Cafe)? Approved. Fake boycotts of towns/counties with an inferiority complex? OK, not approved but funny.

If I wanted to do something big, it would have to be approved by my boss and maybe even his boss. If one day I show up wanting to promote some charity and wanted to raise money for it, not only would my boss have to approve, but his boss and his bosses boss would have to sign on to the idea. In other words, we don’t just let it happen.

So where the hell was the station management and ownership at RAMAR? Are they just allowing their people to do whatever and take advantage of listeners? In my opinion RAMAR needs to fire whoever allowed this guy to scam listeners. That may not sound fair, but the station manager didn’t do his/her job until it was too late.

This is a bad story all around. The DJ is scum and the management at RAMAR obviously failed and was/is inept.

One of the things I’ve learned about the people of Lubbock is that when called upon, they will open their wallets for charity. I hope this doesn’t make even one person turn away from giving. Just a word of advice, always check out who you are giving to.


3 Responses to “DJ Scammer”

  1. Ron May 20, 2010 at 9:58 am #

    What’s even funnier is the fact that of all the years I’ve been on the air in this town (which hovers around the ‘silver’ anniversary mark), I’ve never heard of this guy! Chuck Da who? Well…I guess you have to be on a popular station for folks to know who you are.

  2. chadhasty May 20, 2010 at 10:04 am #

    Good point Ron. I never heard of him and even Wes had never heard of the guy. I’m amazed he actually raised $26,000.

  3. Mike May 20, 2010 at 12:29 pm #

    Sure would buy a lot of Tasty Hasty Cupcakes!


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