Thank You!

21 May

Got this from Linda Kay of CAKE last night:

“TASTY HASTY” charity cupcake


An anonymous donor has purchased

6 DOZEN TASTY HASTY” cupcakes.

The CAKE Ladies were asked to deliver the 6 dozen charity cupcakes to the teachers of Whiteside Elementary School on Albany Ave. just off Slide Road in Lubbock!

The Charity Cupcakes from CAKE are given in the name of Chad Hasty and KFYO radio.

This very generous anonymous person was listening to Chad Hasty of KFYO radio when he was talking about the recent Lubbock DJ who took money for a fake charity.  This person decided something should be done for a DJ and a small business (CAKE cupcakery) that are serious about helping children in need!

This generous person is a fan of the Chad Hasty Show, CAKE cupcakery, and the “TASTY HASTY” cupcakes! So, the decision was made to help us help feed the hungry children of the South Plains.

So one very deranged DJ has unwittingly set the kind hearted of Lubbock into action!

Ending hunger one child at a time.

100% of the sale of the TASTY HASTY charity cupcake goes to

KIDS CAFE of the South Plains Food Bank!

Linda Kay

Cake by distianctive details

A big THANK YOU to the listener out there who did this, and a big thank you to all listeners who purchase a TASTY HASTY on Friday’s. You are all making a difference out there and I thank you for it. Remember to go by CAKE and pick up a TASTY HASTY today as well as a few of their other cupcakes!

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