One Church, One Family

23 Jul

Yesterday I sat down with Ryan Hyatt and we discussed the story in Thursday’s AJ about St. Luke’s Southwest helping a local family out. If you haven’t read the story, then I encourage you to do so by clicking on the link.

Before I go on, I want to say that I’m not anti-mission trips. I’m fine with churches sending people overseas or even across the country to do mission work. However, I think sometimes churches miss the need that is in our own city. Many churches in Lubbock go out in the community and serve and I’m proud to be a member of one of those churches, but I think we can all do more.

This morning I issued a challenge to the churches in the Lubbock area. Find a local family and help. St. Luke’s went to Frenship ISD and asked if there were any families that needed help. What if all the churches in Lubbock went out and found a family that was in need? Many churches could find more than one family and Lubbock could see well over 200 families served by the churches right here in Lubbock. Oh and that’s if you only go out and find a family once a year.

Now, I know that not every church can raise $20,000 to buy a family a new mobile home. But, can a church find a family who needs new paint on their home? Can’t we find a family who needs simple repairs done? School is starting soon, and I’m sure a church can raise enough money to take kids to get new clothes. It doesn’t have to be expensive.

There are families in need here in Lubbock. Why not step up and help them? As we were discussing this yesterday Ryan recalled a conversation he had with a friend years ago when the friend was heading out of the city to help with homes somewhere else. Ryan asked how many homes that needed help here did you drive by to get out of town? Something to think about.

If you are reading this blog, why not step up to the challenge? Go to your church and mention this. Tell your churches that you should go help a family in need here in Lubbock. It might just go a long way in making this a better city.


One Response to “One Church, One Family”

  1. Jason Hancock August 10, 2010 at 1:06 am #

    Lakeridge UMC and some other churches in town have had some good programs for a while where they have ongoing projects inside lubbock, etc. I think LUMC’s is called Backyard Missions or something similar.

    I was raised at St. Lukes UMC and was proud to read that story and see that they are concentrating on the issues at home.

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