The Left And Placing Blame

10 Jan

The left has lost it.

One of the first things liberal bloggers and Twitter users started doing on Saturday after the assassination attempt on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was looking to place the blame on someone. The shooter, is a 22 year old nut job, who did not like Rep. Giffords. He believed that the Government was in the business of mind control. Oh, and he was drug user with no life. He had planned this attack for a while. So who is to blame according to the crazies on the left?

Sarah Palin.

Yeah that’s right. Sarah Palin is to blame according many bloggers out there. Why? Because a while back she put out a “target list” and Rep. Giffords’ district was on the list. Here is the map incase you haven’t seen it:

Sarah Palin Target Map

Looks scary doesn’t it? This is why some on the left are blaming Sarah Palin. Forget about the fact that most campaigns target certain area’s. In fact, the Democrats used their own target mar in 2004:

DNC Target Map

So, it was okay then, but not now? This type of rhetoric and targeting has been used for a while now. Most people think nothing of it.

Now, you’d think that the crazies that blame Sarah Palin would only be national folks, but sadly no. Lubbock’s very own Carol Morgan jumped on the blame Palin bandwagon on Saturday posting this on her Twitter account:

CounselorCarol1 Carol Morgan
@SarahPalinUSA hope you’re happy 2day, ur NUTBAG supporters killed a fine woman & ur “hitlist” website is responsible–ur a HORRIBLE person

Carol Morgan

Morgan ran for State Representative and lost (thank God), but did receive 30% of the vote. Whether she likes it or not, she represents the Lubbock Democratic Party and is considered a leader by many in the party.

It’s pretty shameful if you ask me that a former candidate and school Counselor would act this way.

On the show this morning, I called for Lubbock County Democratic Chair, Pam Brink, to denounce Morgan’s statement. Though I disagree with Brink on many issues, I know she cares about the Lubbock Democratic Party and wants it to be taken seriously. If leaders of the local Democratic party are allowed to make statements like this and they not be denounced, then it will do more harm in the long run to the local Democrats.

After the show, this morning Morgan posted this comment on her Facebook page:

“Isn’t it ridiculous? I don’t know why KFYO is so obsessed with me…it is positively laughable. They will do anything to pump up their ratings and get their listeners all “ginned up”. This is what they like to do and this sort of behavior is what caused the Saturday incident…”

Again, what Carol Morgan doesn’t understand is that first, we aren’t obsessed with her. I hate ignorant statements, and her statement on Twitter was ignorant. Second, talk radio didn’t force a nut job to try and assassinate Rep. Giffords.

Carol Morgan is the perfect example of those on the left that don’t believe in personal responsibility. Morgan says it was Palin’s fault. That my show fosters the type of behavior we saw on Saturday. Those on the left nationally are doing the same thing. Sarah Palin is to blame. Talk Radio and FOX convince people to murder and take up arms!

Palin didn’t pull the trigger. Talk radio can’t force people to kill. This guy planned this attack on his own and executed it on his own. HE is responsible. No one else. Why can’t people deal with personal responsibility anymore? Why must we always look to blame others because of our actions? It makes no sense.

Something else I get tired of? Having to put someone in a political party. Some people are just nut jobs. There are crazies on the left and on the right. I get sick and tired of people placing blame on political parties when a tragedy happens. There are bad people in the world and I don’t think they necessarily fall into a political category. Unless that category is “Crazy”. Unless Republicans or Democrats start advocating killing, I refuse to blame an entire party because of one lone moron.

What happened on Saturday in Tucson was a tragedy. But, what I saw online afterwards was pathetic. Some people should be ashamed of themselves. But I’m sure they would just blame someone else for their writing and actions.

More on this later. What do you think?




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