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New Site Coming Soon, Until Then…

6 Mar

As you can tell, since the launch of the all new website for, I haven’t written much here. You can check out my daily writings here. Audio from my show can be found on the website as well here. As always you can follow me on Twitter @ChadHastyRadio . I always enjoy tweeting back and forth. The all new is in the works. Stay tuned!


Is The Lubbock City Council Hiding From You?

12 Aug

This morning on the show we discussed how the City Council is looking to increase taxes without being tied to raising taxes. In a nutshell, the council wants to raise taxes from the bond election that was approved by voters a year before they start any of the approved projects. So your taxes will be going up because of the bond projects you approved, but we are at least a year away from starting those projects.

Instead the council will use that money to repaint City Hall, fix concrete at a fire station, and whatever else they want. Of course, they never mentioned any of this during the bond election and I’m pretty sure they knew about some of these projects back then.

Many people in Lubbock aren’t too happy about this. When I first heard this plan a couple of weeks back it was shady and I knew what the council was up to, and many of you have felt the same way. Many of our elected officials ran for office saying that they were against raising taxes. What they never said publicly was that while they are against raising taxes, raising fee’s however much they want is just fine. Now our elected officials are trying to pull a fast one on us regarding raising taxes due to the bond election. The council wants to do many things with your money, but they just don’t have enough to do it with. And of course they can’t be caught raising taxes either. So instead they plan on raising taxes, but blaming the bond election all while hoping that you don’t see this as a tax hike for projects you didn’t approve.

Like I said earlier, many people are upset about this and want to have their voice heard. Well lucky for you our council will hold two public hearings… during the morning hours. As Boortz would say, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!?!

Why is this council against holding important meetings at night? The council is going to raise taxes and they want your input, but only if you can skip work in the morning. By only having 2 meetings and only having them in the morning shows me that the Lubbock City Council doesn’t care about your opinion. They want to hide from you. They don’t want to be confronted and told that they are doing something wrong.

We have asked Mayor Tom Martin why they don’t hold council meetings at night and his excuse is that all meetings would last until 2am. Yeah, I don’t see that happening. Council meetings could start at 6 or 6:30pm and instead of doing closed door sessions after the meeting, they could hold them before. If the meetings were at night then more people could attend and get involved. I know it’s a radical idea and it might mean missing Wheel of Fortune, but if the council really wants citizen input they would hold meetings at night.

City Council meetings probably won’t change. I know that, but it should still be brought up and debated. What should change though is this unwritten policy the council has of holding public hearings in the mornings. Sure, have your morning public hearing, but let’s have a few at night too where more people would have the opportunity to attend and have their voices heard. Many on the council have said that they want more participation from the citizens, but it doesn’t seem like they really do to me.

More tomorrow on LFN. It’s an Open Line Friday so I encourage you to call in about this.

One Church, One Family

23 Jul

Yesterday I sat down with Ryan Hyatt and we discussed the story in Thursday’s AJ about St. Luke’s Southwest helping a local family out. If you haven’t read the story, then I encourage you to do so by clicking on the link.

Before I go on, I want to say that I’m not anti-mission trips. I’m fine with churches sending people overseas or even across the country to do mission work. However, I think sometimes churches miss the need that is in our own city. Many churches in Lubbock go out in the community and serve and I’m proud to be a member of one of those churches, but I think we can all do more.

This morning I issued a challenge to the churches in the Lubbock area. Find a local family and help. St. Luke’s went to Frenship ISD and asked if there were any families that needed help. What if all the churches in Lubbock went out and found a family that was in need? Many churches could find more than one family and Lubbock could see well over 200 families served by the churches right here in Lubbock. Oh and that’s if you only go out and find a family once a year.

Now, I know that not every church can raise $20,000 to buy a family a new mobile home. But, can a church find a family who needs new paint on their home? Can’t we find a family who needs simple repairs done? School is starting soon, and I’m sure a church can raise enough money to take kids to get new clothes. It doesn’t have to be expensive.

There are families in need here in Lubbock. Why not step up and help them? As we were discussing this yesterday Ryan recalled a conversation he had with a friend years ago when the friend was heading out of the city to help with homes somewhere else. Ryan asked how many homes that needed help here did you drive by to get out of town? Something to think about.

If you are reading this blog, why not step up to the challenge? Go to your church and mention this. Tell your churches that you should go help a family in need here in Lubbock. It might just go a long way in making this a better city.

LISD’s Dress Code Changes

21 Jun

Last week LISD changed it’s dress code and it was a much bigger story than I thought. In a nutshell, students can have whatever kind of hairstyle they want and whatever color they want. Boys can now wear earrings too. I didn’t know guys wearing earrings was still the “in” thing, and I still think it’s stupid but whatever.

Personally, I think this is a good move by LISD. Who cares if a kid has a mohawk or an earring? Who cares if a girl has purple hair? If that’s all a kid is doing in High School to act out, we should all be happy. Mohawks don’t distract kids in classrooms and neither do earrings. You know what is distracting? Bad teachers and bad parents.

People can complain all day that this new rule is another example of our society breaking down, but they are wrong. If you want that example, look at the homes that some kids come from. They aren’t distracted by hair, they are distracted because they live in a home with no food or the parents are never home or worse addicted to drugs.

Teachers have a tough enough job dealing with bad students or good kids who come from bad homes which turns them into bad students. Let the teachers teach instead of worrying about how someone is dressed. Remember, if the teacher thinks that the student is a distraction, they can still be removed.

I’ve only heard complaints about this new dress code from my conservative friends. The same friends that call for smaller government and for the feds to stay out of their lives. Yet, they want schools (government run) to tell kids how to dress. Odd. Shouldn’t the parents be the ones telling the kids what they can and can’t wear? I guess this is just another example of my crazy Libertarian side coming out.

Good job LISD.

After Two Weeks, We’re Back!

26 May

For the past 2 weeks The Chad Hasty Show has been off the air for different reasons, but this Saturday we are back on the air and broadcasting from one of our favorite places, Heroes and Legacies (16th & University). Not only will we be out there, which is reason enough to come out, but 601 Cigars will be there as well for another one of Heroes famous Cigar Events.

That means that starting at 5pm on Saturday you can come out to Heroes and Legacies at 16th and University and get food, drinks, 601 Cigars, and hang out with us on The Chad Hasty Show. Oh, and I’m not 100% sure, but the Smokin’ Heroes Hotties might even be there. You put all of those together and it sounds like a fantastic Saturday evening and a great way for us to come back on the air.

We hope to see a lot of you out there on Saturday and be sure to come by say hello. We might even put you on the radio if you have something to say. So remember, The Chad Hasty Show broadcasting LIVE from Heroes and Legacies (16th and University) during the 601 cigar event. Drinks, food, and maybe even the Smokin’ Heroes Hotties. It all starts at 5pm and the fun continues after the show ends at 7.

Thank You!

21 May

Got this from Linda Kay of CAKE last night:

“TASTY HASTY” charity cupcake


An anonymous donor has purchased

6 DOZEN TASTY HASTY” cupcakes.

The CAKE Ladies were asked to deliver the 6 dozen charity cupcakes to the teachers of Whiteside Elementary School on Albany Ave. just off Slide Road in Lubbock!

The Charity Cupcakes from CAKE are given in the name of Chad Hasty and KFYO radio.

This very generous anonymous person was listening to Chad Hasty of KFYO radio when he was talking about the recent Lubbock DJ who took money for a fake charity.  This person decided something should be done for a DJ and a small business (CAKE cupcakery) that are serious about helping children in need!

This generous person is a fan of the Chad Hasty Show, CAKE cupcakery, and the “TASTY HASTY” cupcakes! So, the decision was made to help us help feed the hungry children of the South Plains.

So one very deranged DJ has unwittingly set the kind hearted of Lubbock into action!

Ending hunger one child at a time.

100% of the sale of the TASTY HASTY charity cupcake goes to

KIDS CAFE of the South Plains Food Bank!

Linda Kay

Cake by distianctive details

A big THANK YOU to the listener out there who did this, and a big thank you to all listeners who purchase a TASTY HASTY on Friday’s. You are all making a difference out there and I thank you for it. Remember to go by CAKE and pick up a TASTY HASTY today as well as a few of their other cupcakes!

DJ Scammer

20 May

We all like hearing about dumb criminals and I think it’s even better when there is a dumb criminal who gets busted that actually as the same career as you. That’s where this story kicks in. A local disc jockey, “Chuck Dakota”, was arrested this week for scamming listeners out of $26,000. I’ve honestly never heard of Chuck so I will just assume he was actually a DJ. He worked for one of the radio stations owned by RAMAR Communications.

According to KFYO News:

DJ Chuck Dakota, also known as Charles Joslin, is suspected of raising about twenty-six thousand dollars from listeners for two six year-olds with cancer whose father was killed in Iraq.

The story was fake, and Joslin, who worked with Ramar Communications in Lubbock, only took donations in cash.

Joslin, a Hale Center resident, faces theft charges, and is being held in the Lubbock County Jail on twenty thousand dollars bond.

According to KAMC, this guy also used RAMAR’s other stations to promote his charity. While I’d love to write about how stupid this guy is, I’m not going to. Why? Well it does go without saying doesn’t it? He was a moron who got caught.

My question is, how did this even happen? How did station management/ownership let this happen?

A little peek behind the curtain here. Just about everything we do on the air has to be approved. Rex Offenders? Approved. Appearances? Approved. Tasty Hasty Cupcake (which benefits the Kids Cafe)? Approved. Fake boycotts of towns/counties with an inferiority complex? OK, not approved but funny.

If I wanted to do something big, it would have to be approved by my boss and maybe even his boss. If one day I show up wanting to promote some charity and wanted to raise money for it, not only would my boss have to approve, but his boss and his bosses boss would have to sign on to the idea. In other words, we don’t just let it happen.

So where the hell was the station management and ownership at RAMAR? Are they just allowing their people to do whatever and take advantage of listeners? In my opinion RAMAR needs to fire whoever allowed this guy to scam listeners. That may not sound fair, but the station manager didn’t do his/her job until it was too late.

This is a bad story all around. The DJ is scum and the management at RAMAR obviously failed and was/is inept.

One of the things I’ve learned about the people of Lubbock is that when called upon, they will open their wallets for charity. I hope this doesn’t make even one person turn away from giving. Just a word of advice, always check out who you are giving to.

Time Off, but Back Now

17 May

So, I took a little time off but it’s time to get back into the swing of things here on the blog. Normally, I write a few paragraphs on how I feel about certain subjects but for this entry I’m just going to give nutshell opinions on a few subjects.

AZ Immigration Law– I’m fine with it. Feds weren’t doing their job and the bill just gives the same power that the feds already have to the local at state law enforcement officers.

City Council races– The Mayoral race went as I expected. Martin won but Cody Smart did well getting around 20% of the vote. Smart should be happy that he got 20% of the vote. He mainly campaigned on Facebook and got some protest votes as well. District 5 went as expected too with Karen Gibson winning. How will she do on the City Council? I have no idea. District 1… who cares. Sorry, but just over 1,000 people voted in that district and I’d be shocked to see over 800 vote in the run-off. I wouldn’t be surprised to see only 600 people vote actually. People in that district like to complain that the City never listens to them. Why should they? If you don’t show up to vote then you have no voice. If you don’t care about your own part of the city, don’t expect everyone else to care.

BP Oil spill– Lots of people to blame here. Sure it was an accident, but it’s coming out more and more that the Government didn’t do their job when it came to inspections. It was an accident and BP probably should have had some emergency plans instead of just using junk to plug up a hole. Should we stop drilling for oil? No, of course not. Should we continue to search for other energy sources? Yes.

Casino gambling in Texas– YES! YES! YES! Will casino’s solve the budget shortfall? No, but it couldn’t hurt. New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Louisiana all have casino’s and they all get many, many visitors from Texas. Think about it. All of that money could be staying here instead of going out of state.

Garza County/Post, Tx– Garza County is kinda screwing over the City of Lubbock. Never before has Garza charged for road crossings, but knowing that Lubbock HAD to do it, they got greedy and wanted money out of the big city. Hey, if I lived in Garza County I probably wouldn’t blame them, but I don’t live there. Lubbock is paying over $25,000 to Garza County so they will stop whining. 2 members of the Lubbock City Council voted against the contract, Beane and Leonard. Kudos to them. On Friday, Rex and I made some comments (tongue in cheek) about boycotting Garza County and I heard from the Chamber of Commerce and the Mayor of Post. The power of KFYO continues…

That’s about it for now. Check back later though, you never know what I’ll go off on next.

Frullo Defeats Griffin

13 Apr

The Lubbock GOP establishment has been rocked tonight. Not only did Charles Perry easily defeat Delwin Jones, but John Frullo has defeated Mark Griffin in a very close race.

Frullo gained momentum going into the primary election before the run off and it continued through today. The battle in District 83 may have overshadowed the Frullo/Griffin race, but people still paid attention and Frullo was able to get his message out to the voters.

I think Griffin’s attempt to paint Frullo as anti-teacher was the final nail in his campaign’s coffin. The voters saw through it and Griffin should have known better.

I supported John Frullo for the same reasons I supported Charles Perry in HD-83. I think Frullo and Perry will make a great team in Austin and will look out for the people. Just like I said in my previous entry, even though I supported Frullo, I will hold him accountable for his decisions.

This was a historic night in Lubbock and the South Plains. More on tomorrow’s show. John Frullo will be on LFN at 7am, tune in.

Perry Defeats Jones

13 Apr

(picture via

Tea Party activist, Charles Perry, has shocked Republicans all over Texas tonight by defeating the oldest member of the State Legislature, Delwin Jones.

This was a huge win by Perry and one that will no doubt shake the establishment of the Republican party here in Lubbock. This win goes to show that the Tea Party is a force, not only in West Texas, but all over the country. I just wonder how many people in Lubbock who are the insiders in the party are worried tonight. If they aren’t, maybe they should be.

Those who could read between the lines could tell that there were forces within the GOP locally that wanted Perry to lose. Tonight should serve as a wake up call.

How did Charles Perry win tonight? Conservative values, being real, and Delwin Jones. Delwin Jones was his own worst enemy in the runoff election. The Zach Brady endorsement back fired which most of us saw coming, and the attack ads back fired as well. People didn’t trust Delwin or his views on HB 1403. It also didn’t help when Jones tried to convince people that Perry was as liberal as President Obama. That argument didn’t fly and the voters could smell the desperation from the Jones camp.

It’s been no secret that I was a fan of Charles Perry during the election. I supported Perry because of his views and because we needed to get good conservatives in Austin to fix the problems that are looming. Perry always came across genuine and someone who could work well with others while sticking to his guns.

However, that doesn’t mean I will go easy on Mr. Perry when he heads to Austin. As I do with all elected officials, I will hold him accountable and criticize him when it’s warranted. I encourage all Perry supporters to do the same.

I am glad that Charles Perry won this evening, and I think he will do an excellent job representing the people out here. With that said, I thank Delwin Jones for his service to our great state. I’ve only met Mr. Jones a few times, and each time he was very nice and understood why I had criticisms of his voting record. I wish Delwin Jones all the best as he heads back to Lubbock. Politics isn’t easy, and Delwin Jones has had a life of service to the people west Texas. Though some of us may disagree with his record, the next time you see him shake his hand and thank him for his service.

I’ll have more to say on this on Wednesday’s LFN. Charles Perry will be in studio at 8am on Wednesday, so tune in.